About Us

Welcome to the Kauai Junior Golf Association (“KJGA”). This junior golf program was founded in the nineteen sixties by Chica Ishii, Mitchell Ota, Toyo Shirai, and Tom Tomimoto. Beside their love of the game of golf, these men also shared a desire to introduce youngsters to the sport and a willingness to help them develop their golf skills.

As the popularity of golf continues to grow among young people, KJGA is proud to be able to carry on what these four men started. Since its inception, the KJGA program has seen hundreds of juniors develop into avid golfers. Many of them have gone on to compete nationally on the amateur, collegiate and professional levels after leaving our junior program.

The success of this program is credited to the support received from dedicated parents, businesses, golf professionals and many others not only on Kauai but throughout the State of Hawaii. We are pleased to have you join us, and trust that you are willing to take on the task of helping KJGA achieve another successful year.

The objective of the Kauai Junior Golf Association (“KJGA”) is to provide an environment where its junior members can enjoy the game of golf, and progress at his/her own rate while promoting and preserving the traditions and integrity of the game. By being committed to this purpose, the Association continues to build its reputation as being one of the best in preparing junior golfers for the future.

The KJGA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and gains its funding through memberships, sponsorships and contributions. All contributions to the Association are thus tax deductible by individuals and corporations alike to the extent allowable by current tax laws.

The KJGA is governed by a volunteer Board made up of leading island businessmen and women, parents, golf enthusiasts and golf professionals. Members of the Board are elected by the KJGA adult membership and serve as volunteers to help guide the Association’s activities.

The Association’s goals are to provide junior golfers:

  • Opportunities that will teach responsibility, develop qualities of leadership and integrity, and assist them in becoming productive members of the adult community;
  • Lessons, clinics and rules of golf sessions;
  • Golf at a minimal cost;
  • Encouragement for good sportsmanship and friendship with other juniors;
  • Opportunities to travel and participate in off-island tournaments; and
  • Assistance with higher educational pursuits by providing scholarships to qualified juniors.