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Aloha KJGA Parents,

It’s time to register your Junior Golfer for our upcoming Tournaments & Events. To make it easier for you, we will email the upcoming tournaments, and events 4 at a time & post it here as a reminder. I am sending you registration forms based on the schedule. Click on Tournaments if you would like to download the current schedule.

Please keep in mind there are deadlines for each Tournament & event.

Here are the Tournaments & Events to register your Junior Golfer:


Register Below:

  1. Play Day- Free Event- Saturday, July 13, 2019
    1. Register HERE. – Deadline- July 10th, 2019


Note: Please make sure to fill out your cc# & information correctly so we can collect payment of each entry fee the Wednesday before the tournament takes place. If tournaments or events are canceled you will be refunded via square merchant the amount you paid. All phone numbers are needed in case a tournament or event is canceled or rescheduled. Updated emails are needed to communicate about each event and volunteer options.

Volunteers are needed and appreciated throughout the year. To meet your 2 volunteer requirements, we have created a Volunteer Registration form for you to choose from. Every email Tournament/Event email like this one will have a volunteer registration form for you to fill out as seen below. 
2018 Volunteer Registration: HERE.
Snacks/ Drinks / Food Sign-ups: HERE.
For volunteer questions or snacks/drinks sign-up questions, feel free to contact our Tournament Director: Jennifer Hreljac at:
PS. Parent & Junior Golf Tournament has been rescheduled to June 10th
Stephanie Shinno
Director of Programs & Services
(808) 631-1644

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